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At Fall Learning Lab, you learned about the season of transformation at
Estée Lauder. Are you an expert? It’s time to put your knowledge to the test!
Be sure to take note of your final score!
Which of the following is NOT
one of the 5 E’s of Greet?
a. Energetic hello
b. Ear to ear smile
c. Enthusiastically ask if
you can help her
d. Establish what kind of
service she wants
e. Eye contact
f. Engage her in a friendly
Which of the following is NOT an
open-ended question?
a. How would you describe
your skin?
b. What do you like most
about the moisturizer you’re
currently using?
c. What’s your typical makeup
d. Is your skin prone to
How can you surprise your
customer with a treat?
(Select all that apply)
a. Offer samples—even if she
doesn’t buy anything
b. Give her a compliment
c. Share a tip or trick for a
product she already owns
d. Treat her to a 3 Minute
Beauty technique
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How can you ask for the sale
without pressure?
(Select all that apply)
a. “What would you like to treat
yourself to today?
b. “I think you should definitely
get __________.”
c. “Based on your concerns,
here’s what I would recommend
d. “What can you afford to
purchase today?”
What are the three benefits of new
Advanced Night Repair Eye?
a. Eyes will look lifted, lighter,
and less fatigued
b. Eyes will look younger,
brighter, and less fatigued
c. Eyes will look brighter,
lighter, and younger
d. Eyes are lifted, hydrated,
and brightened
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Fill in the blank to re-ignite your memory on why we’re the Serum Experts.
Our serums have years of research behind them.
Our serums are and can be custom-fit to any customer’s needs.
Our serums are ; customers around the world love them.
Just check out our testimonials.
Our serums are -, with over global patents and
global awards.
Answer Key: targeted, high-performance, 150, 30, bestsellers, 70
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With the launch of our new 24 hour Skintone Correcting Collection,
Enlighten, Estée Lauder discovered that skin’s pigmentation process peaks
at . Based on the importance of this finding, we developed the
skincare collection that is designed to at night
working with skin’s own and provide
important by day.
Answer Key: Natural Repair Rhythm, night, first-ever, protection, correct
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What is the primary benefit
of the Enlighten Even Skintone
Correcting Creme?
a. Reduces the look of all types
of discolorations, refines texture
for a silky smooth feel.
b. Instantly creates a naturally
radiant, more even-toned look
and provides essential,
comprehensive daytime
protection against UV rays,
pollution and free radicals.
c. Provides nourishing moisture
and comfort; gently brightens
and soothes irritation.
Perfectionist Youth-Infusing
Makeup is a 3-in-1 makeup that
instantly , ,
by hydrating, and
lines and wrinkles.
Answer Key:
Which of the following is NOT an
ingredient in Modern Muse Chic?
a. Amber Wood
b. Stargazer Lilies
c. Suede Musks
d. Jasmine Sambac
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