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It’s time to put your holiday expertise to the test! Determine how you’ll give
every customer great service this season by selecting the correct response to
each scenario. You’ll earn a charm with each correct answer. Be sure to write
it down in your Launch Planner. Then, enter all ten charms at the end of the
quiz to unlock your holiday message!

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A customer approaches your counter. What’s the best way to greet her?
Select one.
  • “Happy Holidays! How can I help you today?”

  • “Welcome to Estée Lauder! Who are you shopping for today?”

  • “Hi, Happy Holidays! We have great holiday gift sets this season. Let me show you.”

  • “Hi, Happy Holidays!”

Your customer says she needs to find a fragrance. What’s the first question
you should ask her?
  • “Who are you shopping for—is this a gift for you or someone else?”

  • “Have you tried our newest fragrance, Modern Muse Chic?”

  • “What type of fragrance do you like?”

  • “How would you like your fragrance to make you feel?”

Your customer says she’d like to purchase Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum
for herself. What additional question can you ask her to fully meet her needs?
  • “Have you heard of Advanced Night Repair?”

  • “What do you love about your Advanced Night Repair Eye?”

  • “Have you heard of Fatigue Fighter?”

  • “Do you need any other skincare products today?”

Your customer says she needs to purchase a fragrance for a friend. What’s the first
step in helping her find the perfect fragrance using your new Fragrance Finder?
  • Ask, “Do you know what type of fragrance she likes?” Then, walk her through
    the new fragrance types in the tool.

  • Ask, “Do you know what type of fragrance she likes, or would you like to find one
    that fits her personality?”

  • Ask, “Do you want to find a fragrance that fits her personality?”

  • Show her the new fragrance personalities in the tool and ask which sounds most like her friend.

Your customer decides to purchase a Modern Muse gift set and Color Portfolio for
her sister. How can you offer her a treat?
  • “Now that your gifts are taken care of, you deserve a treat! I’d love to show you
    a quick holiday tip. It will only take three minutes.”

  • “I learned a great makeup technique for holiday. Can I show you?”

  • “Would you like to sit? I can show you a great holiday tip and products
    you’ll want to take home!”

  • “I’m giving you a menu of great 3 Minute Beauty techniques to try at home.”

Your customer is purchasing Blockbuster for herself. Why should you demonstrate
and explain the products included before she leaves?
  • She may be a new customer and not understand how to use all the products.

  • Understanding how each product works ensures she’ll experience all of its benefits
    and want to keep using it.

  • She’s more likely to return and replenish if you add value to her purchase.

  • All of the above

Your customer doesn’t have time for a 3 Minute Beauty technique. How can you
still offer a treat as you close the sale?
  • “I’m happy to gift wrap any of your purchases today. You can even come back and pick them
    up when I'm finished if you're in a rush.”

  • “I’ll put a 3 Minute Beauty menu in your bag. You can come back if you’d like to try one!”

  • “Can I have your name and phone number, so I can call you to schedule a makeover?”

  • “Do you want anything gift wrapped?”

Your customer has picked out gift sets and you’ve treated her to the Perfect Red Lip
3 Minute Beauty technique. What's the best way to close the sale?
  • “Thanks for coming in! I’ll ring up those gift sets for you.”

  • “That red lip looks great on you. Should I ring up the lipstick with your gift purchases today?”

  • “That looks amazing on you! Here’s what I used. Now, out of everything I’ve shown
    you today, what did you love and want to take with you?

  • “That red lipstick really suits you. I’ll write the shade name down in case
    you want to purchase it later.”

You are about to ring up a customer’s purchases. What can you say to leave
a lasting impression at the close of the sale?”
  • “Why don’t you take a look at our new Pure Color Envy lipsticks while I ring this up.
    They’re amazing—you won't want to miss them.”

  • “You should take a look at the fragrance gift sets to your right. I’ll wait to ring this up
    in case you see something else you like.”

  • “Can I interest you in any other gift sets today?”

  • “Would you like to take a seat? I’ll bring over our newest products you won't
    want to miss seeing.”

Your customer has decided to purchase a Beautiful gift set for her mother and
Perfectionist foundation for herself before heading off on a holiday trip. What
can you say to make a connection, so she’ll come back and shop with you?
  • “I hope you enjoy your vacation! I’d love to call you when you’re back to see how you
    like your new foundation.”

  • “Can I add you to my client registry? It’s a great way to stay in touch!”

  • “I’d love to call you when you’re back from vacation to see what other makeup products
    you might want to purchase.”

  • “Do you have time to share your contact information? I’d love to follow up.
    When are you returning from vacation?”

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You’ve earned all of your charms. We know you’ll give great service
this holiday season and be gifted in return! Thank you for all of your hard work
and best wishes for a Happy New Year!
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