Get an inside look at the inspiration and development of our iconic new fragrance with our experts.
Click on each video to learn more about the inspiration behind the fragrance, the notes that
make up the fragrance and the conversation you should have with your customers when describing
Modern Muse.
Karyn Khoury+
Senior Vice President, Corporate
Fragrance Development Worldwide
Karyn Khoury is the Senior Vice
President of Corporate Fragrance
Development Worldwide for The
Estée Lauder Companies Inc. Known
for her creative energy, passion and
innate ability to understand how
women connect with fragrance, Karyn
has led the development of some of
the world’s most enduring fragrances
for Estée Lauder. Her vision for modern
scents with timeless appeal, combined
with a vast knowledge of the finest
ingredients in perfumery, have all
contributed to her compelling and
award-winning fragrance creations.
Harry Frémont+
World-Renowned Master Perfumer
Harry Frémont is a world-renowned
Master Perfumer, one of fewer than ten
master perfumers in the world. He is
responsible for many perfumery mile-
stones and marketplace successes.
A native of Cannes in the south of
France, Harry attended perfumery
school in Versailles and began his
career in Paris. He moved to the United
States in 1990 and was named a
Master Perfumer in 2000. When not
composing perfumes, Harry can gener-
ally be found cultivating his beautiful
garden and enjoying the company of
his wife and three daughters—Lauren,
Joy and Estée—yes, we said Estée.
Find out by taking the quiz below.

1. What are the two accords that make up the dual Impression of Modern Muse? Choose all answers that apply.

a. Sparkling Jasmine
b. Rich Amberwood
c. Sleek Woods
d. Melted Woods
e. All of the above

2. When describing Modern Muse to your customers, what can you share with her? Choose all answers that apply.

a. Everyone will respond to Modern Muse differently because it is a dual impression fragrance.
b. There are five key inspirations behind the story of Modern Muse.
c. Modern Muse is a chic new vision of modern femininity—inspired by the woman who inspires others.
d. There are two accords, Sparkling Jasmine and Sleek Woods, that make up the dual impression of Modern Muse.
e. All of the above

3. Part of creating the Modern Muse experience is giving your customers tips on how to wear the fragrance. What are some of these tips?
Choose all answers that apply.

a. Mist Modern Muse in a cloud above you and let it fall over you.
b. Make Modern Muse part of your surroundings at home, by misting your pillow with the fragrance.
c. Spray Modern Muse on your pulse points.
d. B and C only
e. A and B only
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