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Take the foundation recruitment challenge! It couldn't be easier with the
launch of our all new Perfectionist Youth-Infusing Makeup and with your
new Perfectionist dramming cards. Invite every customer to collect her
free 10-day supply of foundation, then follow these proven Greet Meet
Treat Complete tips to ensure your customer has a truly perfect experience!
Perfect Your Greet
Remember your 5 E’s! After greeting her with
an energetic hello, draw her attention to our
new Perfectionist Makeup with this easy way
to engage in friendly conversation:
Say, “Have you heard of our Perfectionist
Youth-Infusing Makeup? It has all of the
proven anti-aging benefits of our best-selling
Perfectionist [CP+R] Serum.”
Perfect Your Meet
Ask her open-ended questions to determine
the benefits she wants from a foundation. She’ll
love Perfectionist if she's looking for a perfected
flawless look, plus hydration, medium/buildable
coverage and anti-aging benefits. If Perfectionist
doesn't sound right for her, show her all of our
Double Wear foundation options.
Perfect Your Treat
Offer to treat her with a 3 Minute Beauty technique.
Simply say, “I can show you a trick to give your skin
a gorgeous glow in minutes.”
Then, apply the Highlight and Contour 3 Minute
Beauty technique.
Perfect Your complete
Link to Perfectionist [CP+R] Serum by saying,
“I’d love to show you the perfect complement
to your new foundation, our powerful
Perfectionist [CP+R] Serum. Together, they’ll
give you anti-aging benefits.”
Give a personal tip, “This is how I like to use it….”
Ask for the sale, “What did you love today
and want to take with you?”
Offer to stay in touch, “I’d love to contact you to
make sure you’re happy with your new products.”
Then, before you go home each night, call to thank
100% of the foundation customers you recruited.
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